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Personal Income Tax

Your personal income tax return must be filed by April 30 each year (June 15th if you, your spouse, or common-law partner are a registered business owner)

Regardless of when your tax return is due, all income taxes must be paid by April 30th.

In order to help us efficiently and correctly prepare your personal income tax return, please provide us with the following information:

  • Information about any changes to address or other contact information
  • All tax slips (such as T3, T4, T4A, T4AOAS T4AP, T5, T5013, T2202, RRSP and many more) you received in the mail (and let us know about any slips you thought you should have received but didn’t)
  • Summary of any non-incorporate business income and expenses
  • Summary of all personally owned rental property income and expenses
  • Summary of Automobile expenses
  • Summary and receipts for all medical expenses
  • Summary and receipts for all charitable donations
  • Summary of investment gains and losses
  • Summary and supportive receipts for accounting fees, investment counsel fees, and interest on money borrowed to earn income
  • Summary and slips of personal tax installments paid
  • Summary of Dependents and their related care or tuition costs
  • Anything else you think may be relevant or important. The above is not an all inclusive list and there may be other information we require.