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Our Office

Brian Dougherty Ltd.

202-315 West First Street
North Vancouver, BC V7M 1B5
Phone: (604) 986-7307
Fax: (604) 984-6919
We are open from 9:00 to 5:00 on Monday to Friday

Our Work Team

Brian Dougherty, BComm, CPA, CA
e-Mail: Brian@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 117

Barb Chase
e-Mail: Barb@BrianDougherty.com

Craig Moore
e-Mail: Accountant102@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 102

Paz Oliverio, BSC, MA
e-Mail: Accountant103@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 103

Olga Spilcova
e-Mail: Accountant109@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 109

Devin Dougherty, BBA
e-Mail: Accountant111@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 110

Allen Su
e-Mail: Accountant110@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 111

Cam Dougherty, BBA, CPA, CA
e-Mail: Cam@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 112

Shai Segal, CPA, CGA
e-Mail: Shai@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 114

Jay Suh, BA, CPA, CGA
e-Mail: Accountant116@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 116

Sean Dougherty, BBA, CPA, CA
e-Mail: Sean@BrianDougherty.com
Phone Ext: 118