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A leading firm in providing accounting and tax services

Brian Dougherty Ltd. is a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants providing full service accounting and tax services to the Metro Vancouver area.  We specialize in working with businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to help maximize your profits and grow your assets, paying particular attention to tax minimization.

For over 35 years, Brian Dougherty has been serving the residents and businesses of Metro Vancouver with their accounting and tax needs. Filing taxes in a timely manner is important, but even more so, taking pre-emptive action in setting up your accounting correctly will ensure that you can legally keep more of your earnings.

Who are our clients and what do we do?

The largest category of clients are professional corporations. We service over 130 Doctor and Dentist corporations as well as lawyers, architects, veterinarians, engineers and other professionals who are incorporated, some with Holding corporations and some with trusts.

The client base we have dealt with the longest are real estate professionals, many with their own licensed brokerage, many with Personal Real Estate corporations, as well as individual realtors.  We have helped many realtors structure themselves to save taxes and achieve their goals both personally and in business.

Most of the above are families structured to optimize their situation.

The next category are more medium sized businesses who have 5 to 200 employees engaged in real estate development, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, trucking, art galleries, retail, consulting, etc., basically any business selling a product or service in Canada or abroad.  These clients are often interested in SRED claims, and have banking covenant requirements that we assist in providing compliance for.

We also deal with many non-residents in meeting with their compliance requirements in owning and selling real estate in Canada.

On the individual side we help with Estate planning, divorces, and annual compliance requirements.  We strive to get our clients get an understanding of the issues, what they are doing, and why they are doing it.  This often involves corporate reorganizations, new wills, insurance planning, tax planning and compliance.

Audits from the Canadian Revenue Agency are a reality for many, and we help our clients navigate the system to reach the best possible solution.  This sometimes involves Voluntary Disclosure if available or may require the assistance of tax lawyers or other professionals.

Over the years we have built up a network of other professionals in tax law, wills and estates, corporate reorganizations, bookkeeping, insurance and other service providers that we will refer to our clients should the need arise.